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Fire in the Flood | AVAILABLE NOW

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'Fire in the Flood' Available Now

New England native, ORÎ moved to Nashville, TN in 2019 to begin his solo journey exploring the world of pop electronica.

Young and resilient, ORÎ's high-flying vocals give nods to artists such as Sam Smith and Ryan Tedder. Using funky melodic hooks and electronic currents, one might consider his style reminiscent of SG Lewis, ZED, and Charlie Puth. Musical inspiration spans from Mike Posner and Dua Lipa to Calum Scott and Coldplay.

Music was always ORÎ's passion, often forgoing social outings to hunker down in his bedroom recording demos. Still, music took a more therapeutic roll as he grew older and was confronted by the inconvenient fact that he was gay.

Growing up in a small town, being gay was difficult and wrought emotional havoc for years. "My world didn't create space for me. It felt uncomfortable, almost as if I were pity-invited to a birthday party," says ORÎ. Like many LGBTQ individuals, this led to feelings of depression, fear, and suicide. Unwilling to let it destroy him, the highly pressurized environment gave birth to creative energy, and ORÎ decided to harness the chaos into charged anthems and infectious melodies. "Faith has always been important to me, but it wasn't until I went through that dark place that I knew God was truly for me. I didn't hear a berating or antagonizing voice. Instead, the clouds began to clear, and I felt a serenity beyond the chaos."

His debut single, "Fire in the Flood", is an appropriate beginning as it speaks resilient courage into the tired and war-weary soul. 'Everyone has a flood in their life. Mine was being gay in an environment that didn't create affirmative space for that. At my core, I knew the only way to keep from drowning was to understand pain has a purpose. If we know our value and identity, nothing can keep us down. I discovered the strength was inside me all along.' - ORÎ

“Part of me is barely seen, part of me is hardly heard, yet I know part of me exists to share the invisible.” - ORÎ